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Epoxy Flooring for Electronics Industry

Epoxy Flooring for Electronics Industry ESD

Integrated circuit (IC) chip technology has changed our world and is now considered an ordinary part of modern life.  Yet, the facilities in which semiconductors and advanced electronics are produced are anything but “ordinary.”  For these cutting-edge operations, only the most innovative finishes will do— and that includes RC Corrocare’s conductive flooring systems for electronics and semiconductors.

Semiconductor and Electronics Facility Safety with Conductive Floor Coatings
Among the fastest growing sectors of the global economy, the semiconductor and electronics industries are driven by computer, communication, industrial and consumer markets to continually build new, or expand existing, facilities.  As part of this growth, carefully selected high performance, resinous ESD flooring can help improve and maintain safe work environments for the expensive equipment investment, and most important for the many talented individuals working in these sectors.
Whether a semiconductor fabrication plant (fab) or foundry, an integrated circuit contractor or an electronic component manufacturer, safety is priority number one—and RC Corrocare’s ESD flooring can help.
Special benefits include characteristics such as:
=> Proven, consistently electrostatic dissipating floor surfaces
=> Conductive flooring for areas with explosion hazards
=> Precision flooring compliant with ESD Association guidelines
=> Excellent chemical, acid and solvent resistance for processing areas
=> Moisture mitigating primers and hybrid flooring systems available
=> Antimicrobial flooring options extend protection throughout the depth of the floor
=> Seamless, fluid-applied systems ideal for clean room applications
=> Assist in complying with governmental regulations and cGMPs
=> Slip-resistance, customized per client requirements


Other Specifications

Why Resinous ESD and Conductive Flooring?

Popular ESD vinyl sheet goods and tile rely on adhesive glue, which can allow air pockets to exist between the concrete substrate and the floor covering.  A perfect hiding place for moisture, mold and other microbes, these pockets can become the entry point of contamination into sensitive R & D, production or assembly processes.

In contrast, our ESD and conductive floor coatings are fluid-applied and completely bonded to the concrete slab.  Moisture mitigating primers, moisture vapor transmission (MVT) flooring and antimicrobial protective systems are available to help further isolate and safeguard highly sensitive electronics operations and semiconductor facilities.

Let our regional experts recommend the best semiconductor or electronics flooring value for a facility renovation.

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